Tropical Traditions Canada & Ultimate Products

T.T. Ultimate Products is a family owned & operated business.  We have over 25 years experience in nutritional health supplements.  We not only stand behind our products, we personally use all of our products. We ship our products Canada wide with customers from Vancouver Island to Prince Edward Island.

T.T. Ultimate Products is proud to have the exclusive rights to all 90 plus Vitality products in Canada, All Vitality products are doctor formulated by world renowned scientist, researcher and naturopathic physician Dr. Robert Preston. All his products are carefully formulated and based on proven scientific research, knowledge, and experience. We use only the highest quality raw materials money can buy.

T.T. Ultimate Products is also proud to be the only Licensed Distributor in Canada for Tropical Traditions Certified Organic Coconut Oils and a number of other Tropical Traditions Certified Organic Coconut Products.

We are also the proud distributor for Certified Organic Canadian Grown, Einkorn, Lentils, Flax, Pot Barley, Flours, all from a Mill that has farmed without pesticides, herbicides and man-made fertilizers since 1964. They have pioneered with organic methods, farming this way long before it was popular.  One of the original founders has extensive knowledge of health (plant, soil, and human). His knowledge in the organic field includes topics of soil health, grains, processed grains, and qualities of grains. His product line is known nationwide and its integrity and quality is second to none. 

2095 Barkerville Hwy., Quesnel, British Columbia, V2J 6T5, Canada
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